• Mitchell Abdullah

    Mitchell Abdullah

  • Justin Agans

    Justin Agans

    Attorney, Spengler & Agans
  • Padowithz Alce

    Padowithz Alce

  • Jay Bendis

    Jay Bendis

  • Judy Bezler

    Judy Bezler

    Owner, Direct Point Advisors
  • Stephen Bollier

    Stephen Bollier

    Partner, Five 9s Digital, LLC

    Stephen is a Partner at Five 9s Digital, LLC, a data center real estate investment and advisory firm. His primary responsibility is advising data center operators on their business operations and addressing their real estate needs, while also being involved in the management of the firm’s other operating segments.
    Prior to Five 9s, Stephen was a Partner at Niagara Ventures, LLC, an investment partnership and strategic advisory firm that specializes in working with inception and growth stage companies. The firm concentrates on purchasing core businesses in niche markets, growing the operations through strategic acquisitions and successfully exiting to a strategic buyer or private equity group. Stephen was responsible for the industrial segment and the entire real estate portfolio, which included leading the development of a data center park in North Carolina.
    Stephen is a member of IMAF Charlotte, a Charlotte based angel investment group, and is a Board Member of Virtual Race Bags, Inc., an online platform for endurance events that allows event sponsors and national advertisers the ability to deliver content to the event participants.
    Stephen has a BS in Accounting from Michigan State University with a major emphasis in Finance.

  • Lori Collins

    Lori Collins

    Founder, StartupCafe.org
  • Mike D’Avri

    Mike D’Avri

    President, Charlotte Information Strategists LLC
  • Sridhar Dasu

    Sridhar Dasu

  • Kayla Dugger

    Kayla Dugger

    Co-Owner, Ready at 7
  • Kevin Garrison

    Kevin Garrison

    CPA, Reardon & Garrison, LLP
  • Juan Garzon

    Juan Garzon

    Owner, The Garzón Company
  • Katie Hughes

    Katie Hughes

    Founder, Dance Yourself Fit, LLC
  • Josh Jacobson

    Josh Jacobson

    Consultant, Next Stage Consulting
  • Julie Joseph

    Julie Joseph

    Associate Professor, College of Business, Johnson & Wales University
  • Addy Kapur

    Addy Kapur

    Founder, checkAppointments.com & mailvu.com
  • Patrick Lynch

    Patrick Lynch

    National Sales Director, Compass Group, N.A. / Foodbuy LLC
  • Robin McIntire

    Robin McIntire

    Business Counselor, Small Business & Technology Development Center, UNCC
  • Al McMillian

    Al McMillian

    Corporate Lawyer
  • Don	Minges

    Don Minges

    DLM Financial Consulting
  • Lynne Mullin

    Lynne Mullin

    Founder, VUE Consulting & Customer Discovery
  • David Phillips

    David Phillips

    Innovation Provocateur, Faster Glass
  • Matt Potere

    Matt Potere

    Home Equity Product Executive for Bank of America
  • Blair Primis

    Blair Primis

    Vice President of Marketing, OrthoCarolina
  • Ken Pulliam

    Ken Pulliam

    Corporate Strategy and Finance Leader
  • Kenneth Rogich

    Kenneth Rogich

    CFO, Petty Holdings
  • Dan Roselli

    Dan Roselli

    Co-founder, Packard Place
  • Dan Roth

    Dan Roth

    Global Finance, Scottish Re
  • Aman Sokhi

    Aman Sokhi

    Credit and Operational Risk Executive, Wells Fargo
  • Rick Terrell

    Rick Terrell

    Maker at ExerScreen

    Rick is a serial entrepreneur, maker, product designer, inventor and technical leader. He was most recently VP of Engineering and Operations at Yap Inc., a successful Charlotte speech recognition startup. Prior to that, he helped create the processors that powered the Apple iPod with PortalPlayer Inc. Rick supports the Charlotte startup community and is actively involved with the North Carolina region of Startup America. He has numerous patents issued and pending and holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Andrews University. In his odd spare moments, he enjoys rowing, auto racing, and performing in rock bands.

  • Jeff Thomas

    Jeff Thomas

    Chair of Business & Associate Professor, College of Business, Johnson & Wales University
  • Steve Thomson

    Steve Thomson

    Founer, Sweetwater Logistics
  • Garrett Tichy

    Garrett Tichy

    Co-Owner, Ready at 7, Lead of #WeLoveCLT
  • Nolan Walker

    Nolan Walker

    Director of Capital Development at Binary Ventures
  • Cassmer Ward

    Cassmer Ward

    CEO, Clear Advantage Collar, Inc.
  • Britt	 Weaver

    Britt Weaver

  • Reg 	White

    Reg White

    President, Toran Enterprises
  • Taffy Williams

    Taffy Williams

    CEO & President, Colonial Technology Development Company